Report Hazing


Sexual Assault and Bias-Related Incidents

If a hazing report includes allegations related to sexual misconduct and/or bias, the information may also be shared with the Title IX CoordinatorDeputy Title IX Coordinator, and/or Bias Reporting Committee.

If this is an emergency or an urgent situation, contact 911 or Georgetown University Police (202-687-4343) immediately.

If you have already downloaded the LiveSafe mobile safety app, you may also contact 911 or Georgetown University Police through the app.


You are encouraged to report any non-emergent observations to the University if you have been hazed, witnessed hazing, or suspect that someone else was hazed by:

  • Submitting a report online;
  • Contacting the Office of Student Conduct
    • Office:¬†530¬†Leavey Center
    • Phone: 202.687.4553

The Hazing Response Committee oversees the online hazing report system and coordinates the appropriate response and investigation into reports of hazing at both the individual and organizational/team level, including those reported anonymously. However, please be aware that the University’s ability to investigate hazing incidents depends on the accuracy and specificity of the information you provide. You are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible so that the appropriate action can be taken to address the behavior.

While prompt reporting may aid an investigation, there is no time limit imposed as to when a formal complaint may be initiated against a current student, provided he/she was a Georgetown University student at the time of the alleged incident.

Report Hazing

The University will investigate all reports of hazing behavior, including those reported anonymously. If this is an emergency or an urgent situation, call 911 or Georgetown University Police (202-687-4343) immediately.