Hazing Response Committee

What is the Hazing Response Committee (HRC)?

The Hazing Response Committee is a collaborative University initiative developed to coordinate the reporting of and response to allegations of hazing at Georgetown.

Who is a part of the HRC?

The HRC consists of officials from:

  • Office of Student Conduct;
  • Center for Student Engagement;
  • Student Affairs Case Manager;
  • Department of Athletics;
  • Georgetown University Police Department;
  • General Counsel; and
  • Health Education Services.

What does the HRC do?

The HRC oversees the online hazing report system and coordinates the appropriate response and investigation into reports of hazing at both the individual and organizational/team level.  Additionally, the HRC may track and report statistics to allow the University to better recognize, understand, and respond to hazing incidents on campus.

Report Hazing

The University will investigate all reports of hazing behavior, including those reported anonymously. If this is an emergency or an urgent situation, call 911 or Georgetown University Police (202-687-4343) immediately.