Georgetown University is committed to the Jesuit understanding of education as a process that involves the transmission of knowledge and the formation of character, both in the classroom and outside of the classroom.  Student organizations and teams recognized by the University can provide students with tremendous opportunities for the development of knowledge, the cultivation of virtue, the building of community, and the development of student leadership.  However, students should never be subjected to hazing as a condition for seeking to join, holding membership, or affiliating with a student group at Georgetown University.

Hazing is not only an individual issue, but a cultural concern that subverts the University’s mission and threatens permanent damage to the educational experience, careers, and well-being of students.  This site is designed to assist members of the University community in recognizing, preventing, and reporting hazing in our community.

Report Hazing

The University will investigate all reports of hazing behavior, including those reported anonymously. If this is an emergency or an urgent situation, call 911 or Georgetown University Police (202-687-4343) immediately.